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Serving the greater Portland Metropolitan area since 1995

Complete landscape installation featuring natural stonework.
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Educated and experienced in landscape gardening, both privately and in public gardens in the United States and Europe. A.S. in Horticulture / B.S. in Plant Science.

Boulders landscapeSERVICES

Creating integrated garden spaces that are practical, pleasing and add value to your home. Landscape design and installation * planting * pruning trees, shrubs and borders. Hardscape: Stone surfaces * paths & patios * stone walls * steps * boulder Installation * water features * ponds


Stone steps provide elegant and solid access that work well with other architectural elements such as brick or wood, and they are easy to maintain. They can be simple or grand with a landing area or large enough to provide seating. Stone steps in the landscape give safe passage down or across slopes or other grade and elevation changes.


Boulders are large stones that lend bold visual impact to landscape spaces. They may be used in groups or individually as accent or as a bench for seating. Boulders can be used to retain hills, change a grade, in a rockery or as a wall. They can also be useful in other landscape construction, such as single steps, or they can be used with smaller stones in a wall or water feature.


Water features, including ponds, streams & waterfalls, introduce a dynamic element to the landscape. They can be quiet and calming or dramatic and stimulating. They can also help mask outside noises with ambient sound while attracting birds and other wildlife.

stone path landscapingPATHS

(Flagstone) paths are durable and aesthetically pleasing. They provide a clean, dry, safe way through the landscape. They can also direct traffic to viewpoints while connecting the garden with living spaces and public access.


Made of gravel, brick or flagstone, patios are the floor of the outdoor living area. Their design can be formal or informal, intricate or simple. Patios provide a dry, clean, even surface that serves as space for seating, dining or socializing.


Stone walls can be useful and beautiful. They have the weight and structural integrity to retain hills and make grade elevation change. Stone walls can separate or edge areas, provide seating and hold back soil or garden mulch from overflowing onto other landscape features such as driveways, paths and patios. Composed of natural elements, stone walls create a backdrop for garden spaces while integrating well with landscape features such as beds and borders.

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